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Customer Comments

Just received the PAL/NTSC converter for my DVD/VCR combo to my TV. It works perfectly! I must confess I was skeptical but it works great! Wonderful picture!

Thank you very much!
Jeff H.

I got my CMD-1500 and I have to say it’s a great convertor!! I bought it for my PAL Phillips Videopac G7400 (Odyssey3) Videogame system to play on my NTSC T.V. and it works awesome!!Peter and his helpful staff stands by their word, buy with confidence from World-Import if they don’t have it, you don’t need it!!! Christopher D., Westford Ma.

Christopher D.

Quality product plus fast delivery!

I needed an PAL to NTSC Video converter for my American TV (LCD) I bought at Best Buy and saw my choice at World-Import.com website. I inquired from the Customer Service, paid for the item via bank transfer and got the item shipped to me at Port Harcourt Nigeria via UPS-EMS within 2 weeks. The converter is of high quality, robust and portable and perfectly serves my purpose. I am happy with the product and its fast delivery and can now view all available TV channels in Nigeria. I would want to do business again and again with World-Import. Thank you Victor for your good customer relations and great service!

Augustine - Portharcourt, Nigeria.

My son and family received the DVD player and they are delighted. Now my little grandson can play the Fireman Sam dvd's I bought him from the UK, not thinking about different regions. You have made a little three year old very happy as well as his Grandpa. My wishes for great sucess with your business.

Dixie from MN

Got it. Excellent job of packing! Everything works perfectly! Thanks!

Eric from Germany

I wanted to let you know that I am quite pleased with you fast delivery & your product , which works well. As advertised

J. Hawkins

Hi Victor,

I am thrilled to report the transformer arrived safe and sound and is doing its job, driving my Zujirishi bread maker, like a dream. Thank you very much for your efforts to get it shipped.

Regards, Gerhard.


Thank you for your prompt reply.  I received the remaining two boxes yesterday.  Things take time to get here but as there was a wide gap in the delivery dates, I was a bit worried.  Thank you for your excellent service.

Linda C

As per the subject - your customer service is awesome , your website is awesome as are you prices - sold - you have a new customer! THANKS

Lisa and Steve

Victor B, Sorry, I forgot to email you earlier. I recieved the tv in about one week and it is in perfect condition and works like a dream. Thank you so much for excellent customer service and an excellent product.


Hi Victor,

This will be my only question. I asked you this a while back but hadn't heard from you so I asked this question on video help message boards but was told there wasn't a straight answer to it but you understood what I meant and was able to tell me which recorder to get & I couldn't be more happy with it so I need to ask you this again so you can tell me the phrase I need to look out for so I know which recorders to buy from you in the future. Otherwise I'll have to keep asking you each time I want to buy a recorder from you which one has the capabilities I need so if you tell me the technical phrase I can find which ones you have that I need for myself and then I could just go and order those ones from you. Becuase you helped me, I don't want to buy elsewhere in the future so I promise I won't take the information you give me and shop elsewhere. So here is the message again and hope to hear what the phrase is so I can look for it on your future items for
sale web pages: I just wanted to say thank you very much for your help on the Pioneer DVR-660H. I'm very happy with it. Once I explained I needed a player that would play my homemade DVD=R discs without audio/video synch problems, you knew right away what I needed. All of the video sites I visted and asked this to weren't able to help me with this but you did and it's been invaluable to me.
One question though, being a newbie at this sort of thing, what is the technical phrase for this? What is it that's listed in the product specs on your web pages that told you this Pioneer model could handle the A/V synch issue on the DVD+R discs? I'd just like to know so I know what to look out for in the future is all. Thanks in advance for the reply.


Charlie – that’s all... ok! Not a problem, I was very pleased with the first batch of items I obtained from your company; I’m using them every day with my U.S.-produced equipment here in Australia. I trust that this order, which is for the rest of the items to be included with the relocation of my household, will perform at the same level that the first one has. Keep up the good work and I’ll definitely be recommending you to anyone I know in need of various electronic equipment, converters, transformers, etc. that have to work internationally.

Todd Lewis

Thank you so much. I am sorry for any inconvenience to you. It's a browser issue. I have used World Imports twice in the past for region free DVD players and would think of no other. You provide wonderful service and great prices. When I am in need of a new player I just go to your site. I also tell my friends about it.

Thank you so much,

Hi,I received my new oppo dvd player today and I am very happy with it. Great choice the gentlemen who recommended it to me. The only thing there was no receipt in the box. Can a receipt be mailed to me for my records please. Also, was the samsung dvd player I sent back received.

Thank you,

This goes to the wonderful, very helpful, and very knowledgeable team of people:
I am a returning and a very happy customer. My name is Dimitri G. During the late summer I purchased an all regions DVD player. Couple of weeks ago I called and explained that I wanted to buy a pair of cordless telephones for my parents who reside part of time in Athens Greece, but I was not quite sure which model to order, and of course something that would work with 220 volts of power. One of your associates advised me as far as which model I should order. When I ordered the phones I explained that we did not have too many days to wait for the delivery since our guest were leaving earlier that we had planned. Your excellent associate promised me that he would expedite the order with no additional charge and also told me the exact day that the order would arrive. My order arrived on the exact date that I was told, in an outstanding condition. I just wanted to express my gratitude towards your great team of people that you have working there. Great job, and excellent service. You are listed in my favorites list of web sites as number one. Thank you again. You can count on me to return back for any other type of electronics shopping. May you have a happy, healthy and prosperous year.

Sincerely, Dimitri G.

Hi, I have just received my new CMD-1500 PAL-NTSC video converter, and I am very happy about it. My problem was to transfer my old analog VHS-C video tapes (about 100) in digital format. The original tapes were, of a good quality, made by a HQ Panasonic analog camcorder. My intention was to transfer in digital format, to be able to watch them on a DVD player. I have tried very hard, during the last three years, using several tv tuners, and capture boards; but the result was very poor, comparing to the original. Last year I had the opportunity to buy from the US a new Canon HV30 digital camcorder. It has the special function to capture from an analog signal. Trying to transfer images between the two camcorders, it was not possible, because the Canon's video system is NTSC and Panasonic's video system is PAL, which are not compatibles. Searching through the Internet for a video converter, I found World Import and I have contacted Victor. Following Victor's advice I have ordered a video converter CMD-1500. The device was recommended as a "professional" one, and I can confirm, it is working Excellent. Now I can transfer my old movies between an analog PAL camcorder to a digital NTSC camcorder, and the result is of a very good quality. The digital copy is comparable to the analog original. I want to recommend World Import and Victor for their professionalism, fast delivery, and good advice about this excellent product CMD-1500. Thank you, Victor.

Adrian S. from Romania

Hi VJ, CMD 1500 is far better than KDV 5000 meaning I'll keep CMD 1500. I did return KDV 5000. I got KDV 5000 yesterday (Jan 18), and sent it back in the same day (Jan 18) via FEDEX. In terms of the contrast, clarity, jitter ........etc, everything, CMD 1500 is superior than KDV 5000. This is the truth. I have my co-worker, Kevin, he is our editor. He has the same opinion. CMD1500 quality picture is 98% same as original source. Somebody has to spend at least $5000 to get something similar in another brand. Anyway, I'm happy with CMD 1500. Exactly, I want to try CMD 850 to compare with CMD 1500. But, since you said CMD 1500 is slightly better or better than CMD 850, I believe you. Besides I don't want losing shipping cost again, unless you won't charge shipping cost when returning one of them, either CMD 1500 or CMD 850. Ok VJ, thank you for your time, Rudy H.

My experience with World-Import has been excellent. I found them over the internet and worked with Victor on the phone over the course of a couple of months. He helped me to identify the type of television I would need to be compatible with PAL N in Argentina. He also helped me with transformers for the rest of my electronics. I bought a Sonia Bravia TV, Yamaha Receiver, and Panasonic DVD - all multi-region. I am very happy with all three purchases. All three items were shipped via Fed-EX/UPS and arrived safely. I would recommend World-Import to anyone in the future.

Thanks Victor for all your help!
Jennifer F.

Gentlemen, I would like to thank you for your help. We have just moved back to the UK and the level of service / help / advice we receive is a pale shadow of that which we have become so familiar with during out 5 years in the US. With your help we now have our TV and DVD system up and running as if we were at home, but without any help from any local UK dealer. There attitude has always been 'You didn't buy it here, why should we help'. I will be back in the US 3 years from now, and will make every effort to thank you personally.

Dr Joseph N.

I just ordered and received one of your DVD players modified by you for "Play any region PAL/NTSC DVD". I had purchased, on the internet, the
DVD movie "Max Q Emergency Landing" from England, because I simply could not find one anywhere else.  After I ordered it, it dawned on me
that it would not be properly encoded to play on USA equipment.  I had no idea that multi-region players were available. Using the Google search
engine, I read much (most of it discouraging) about regional encoding.  One article, however, made brief mention of modified DVD players.  Using Google
again I finally found a link to several websites.  Yours offered the most information, choice of product and warranty/support.  So I did it.
I am now watching "Max Q" (region 2 encoded) on your modified Toshiba DVD player.  It's GREAT!! Picture and sound perfect!
All that just to say I am unspeakably pleased with my purchase from you.  Thanks, and thanks again! RD Banta

I just wanted to say that I appreciated the quick turn around you gave my order placed on 4th of July, it was received on Friday 8th!. The Sharp DVD-VCR combo was an excellent recommendation meeting my needs to play PAL and NTSC video tapes. The CMD 1500 is an amazing piece of equipment.....

Thank you T. Ratcliffe

This email is just to confirm reception of the order. It has been a pleasure to buy from your site. I really appreciate the way you answered all my questions and the prompt attention you deserved me. Thanks a lot. I definitively will considering buying from you in the future. Feel free to reproduce any of my comments in your web site as a reference.

Thanks, Gines F.

Also, can I mention your comment on our site for other customers to read??

"yes...by all means....also....leave my e-mail address on the board if you like.. I will respond to folks who e-mail me about it...it's a great product and I want you to sell a ton of them...this way, if i need one 10 years down the road it might be easier to find...LOL:) and PLEASE, PLEASE let me know if the manufacture ever discontinues the product....i hate to get something i love and not be able to replace it when it goes bad.....like i say...I'll stick a back-up 850 in a drawer if i need to.... but maybe the parts are no big deal and the unit is easy to fix if it goes down? let me know about this please.
It has most amazing thing is the stabilization capabilities...i feed crap video in and smooth video comes out.... especially at the top where ya get wavy lines like on some other conversion systems ....not with the 850... it's all smooth....even domestic video looks better....almost all video looks better fed through that thing unless the source is super clean...then there is no difference...but take something old or something with a EP source and feed it through the 850....it's really amazing what that little thing can do....and the copy guard issue is no issue at all when you use the 850...ya dont need a proc amp...just that CMD850. thanks again..:) all my best...."


To everyone at at Word Import.....
About a month ago, I purchased a Yamaha DVD-S550-PN DVD player from you. This was my first purchase of a “code free” player, so I was a bit skeptical –about the player and who I was buying it from. I must say that after using it for the past few weeks, I am very, very pleased with my purchase and the service I was given by everyone there. The DVD player plays Region 2 PAL discs perfectly. It is really hard to distinguish PAL from NTSC when using this unit. I was pleased to find the unit factory sealed, and it arrived in only a few days after I ordered it. This is a top-notch unit and is cheaper than the new Yamaha DVD-S1500 that is now offered in the US. Again, I am very, very happy with my purchase! Thank you! Please feel free to use this on your web site.

Mike J.
Vermillion, South Dakota

Thank you so much for the JVC code free DVD player. We just set it up this weekend and it works great. We watched several British and American DVD's and the quality was excellent. I didn't realize how easy it would be. You just put in the disk, and I guess it adjusts automatically. I also want to thank you for the excellent manner in which you processed the order. Please fill free to add this to the customer comments on your webpage.

Steve T. - USA

Feel absolutely free to put my comments on your site and you can use my full name and add also my internet address ....... there for those  people that would like to ask me about details. The same day I received your product( and was watching PAL tapes  for hours ) I  sent messages to my friends from Europe (living here in the USA ) about the converter I bought from your company saying I was so surprised about the quality. I was ready for the situation that maybe the colors could be a little bit different; nothing like that happened. It was just the same like I was watching these tapes in Europe seven years ago. I just simply  want to say again: Thank you so much!

Marie D. Pickard

Dear Sir, Just a note to let you know I received my goods (CMD-850) today and am delighted with the product. Good delivery (1 week), great service. I shall certainly use your company again.

Chris F, Scotland, UK

Hello Peter, In just few days since my order, I have received the CMD-850 converter professionally packaged. I couldn't wait to see it in action. I have over 60 hours of previously recorded tapes in PAL where over 40 hours are family memories and the rest are my own rare collection of musical video clips. For the last 8 years, and since I arrived in Canada with my family, we could not enjoy watching those tapes until I received your 'State-of-the-art' converter. The only other equipment I brought with me from middle east is my Panasonic Mult-system VCR. Before knowing your product I have tried one place in Toronto to do the conversion of one tape from PAL to NTSC. The result was not only wasting time and money but also it was very upsetting because I thought my original tapes are no longer in excellent condition. So, I decided to surf the net and look for a converter to buy and do the job myself. Not to convert every thing but to select the best clear shots.  Then I came across your wonderful website and there you are, my dream converter CMD-850. I ordered it right away. The first thing I did was to try that same tape which has been converted by some "tape conversion experts" as they call themselves. The result was unbelievable amazing. Crystal-clear converted copy!! You could not tell which is the original and which is the converted copy. Thank your very much - ComWorld - for your excellent converter that brought the smile and happiness back to my life. After finishing converting all of my tapes into VHS NTSC, I am planning to buy a high quality DVD recorder to copy those tapes and produce my own permanent high quality family DVD's that my grand grand children can watch and share our happiness. When the time comes, your trusted web site with the best service will be my first place to look for the DVD recorder. Thank you Peter, for this High Quality video converter (CMD-850) you are selling and please feel free to post all or any of my comments on your web site.

Best regards,
Fouad Lababidi

Dear Sirs, yesterday I received my DVD player. I like you to know I am very happy with it! It does exactly as you promised. Thank you very much for your service!

Kind regards,
Piet Peters

Yesterday my brand new Nokia 8855 GSM was brought by FedEx. And it's even equipped with a European plug! Thank you for the short processing time and the fast delivery. I appreciate that very much.

Kind regards,
Thomas J.

Hi, The CMD 850 arrived today and is exactly what we needed. Thanks for the good service and feedback. Cheers Cameron Bennett - NZ Network

Dear Sir, I just wanted to write to say my new region free dvd player arrived this afternoon. After a very easy replacement of my existing dvd player, I tried it out. I have to say I was a bit worried it would not work, as it just seemed to good to be true, but I was wrong. It is amazing.  Great picture and my Region 2 DVD from England played beautifully!! I am looking forward to being able to purchase more dvd's from overseas! Thank you for your good work, good response to my email regarding ship time, and over great service. I will be looking for a portable region free in the future, and will definitely purchase it from you,

James Richards

Equipment came today. My wife and I watched 15 year old videos of our family we hadn't seen for 10 years.The picture quality was amazing I am so glad I went for the Digital Converter the pictures were like the originals. Thanks Thanks Thanks. A very happy customer.

Steve A. Kentucky
I just wanted to thank you guys. I purchased a Daewood DVD 5800 from you in August and am plesantly suprised by how well it performs for such a reasonable price.

Clive S.
Hallo Peter, Today i received my CMD 850 from you, direct in Romania. I have tested CMD850 together with my Panasonic HS850 Pal, transfer from NTSC-PAL and result there is extraordinary. Price for this CMD850 there is very small in comparison with identical product purchase in Europe, where price is 450EUR. Thank you Peter Bravo ...WORLD-IMPORT

Best Regards from Marius

Peter, My merchandise arrived safe and sound, and I couldn't be happier with it. It was packaged so sturdily, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciated that. The VCR works beautifully, and the picture quality is fantastic. I'm so glad that I have finally found a seller whom I can trust, to deliver top notch products, the way your fine company does. From the beginning, customer service was excellent---addressing every question I posed, in a pleasant and patient manner. As a customer, that is very important to me. I cannot thank you enough, and I look forward to continued business with Word Import.

Very Kind Regards, MM

I cannot say if I shall have the opportunity to recommend your company to anyone else, but I would certainly do so.  Your standard of customer service is very high.

R. J. Smith
Dear Peter, Thanks for shipping me the CMD850.  I was totally impressed by the packaging, I did NOT expect to get RCA cables and s-video cables. I was waiting until the 850 got here then I was going to go out and buy cables.  Also, it worked perfectly, first time out, and it was received on time.  So again, thanks for this great device, which will also allow me to make backups I can use as I travel throughout the world (NTSC, PAL…).

Dave Kap

I received my order last week and am very happy with it.  Thank you (and World Import) for your help and for restoring my faith in Internet purchases!

Laura B.

Thank you for your support! Everything arrived in excellent condition late yesterday evening. It was worth the long wait! The two voltage converters work marvelously, and the video converter CMD-850 delivers an even better quality I was hoping for! Great products!

Kind regards, Bernhard H.
Peter,  Thank you so much for quick response on my CMD850.  It performs very well and provides clear crisp video. Earl H.
I recently ordered a DVD player to play region 2 dvds for my son on our American TV.  It arrived fast and it was easy to set up and it works great!  I just wanted to thank you!
 Donna L.
I sent everything that you sent me to this gentleman - I was thinking about him today, funny. I will e mail him and see what his plans are. I received the adaptor Wednesday, and the unit yesterday. WoW! Am I impressed, the quality is excellent - and so are the cosmetic looks of the unit - it goes GREAT with my HS2 ! You not only have MY business - but everyone I deal with hears positives about you folks - Thanks againI again will check with this guy and see what his plans are Take Care Chuck
"Dear Peter, Just wanted to let you know how the Converter has been performing since I solved the minor hook-up problems. I just want to say the CMD-850 is an excellent converter for the low price I paid. The pictures are crisp and clear, no jerking lines and would highly recommend your products and yourselves to any potential buyer. ............you can add me to your already long list of satisfied customers and if you want to post this compliment you may do so. Once again thanks for all your help you guys are the best in the business. 

Sincerely, Tuvan Uner (Virginia, USA)"

"Hi Peter, Great, thanks for the swift reply...

Here are a few extra comments - please use them as you wish together with earlier comments - and you are welcome to write my name Carl Williams, Vice President, Strand Consult, Denmark - then visitors know I'm for real.

Hi Peter, Just received the CMD850 with FedEx - less than 48 hours after I ordered - brilliant considering it has travelled half way round the world. Just wanted to also thank you for your patience with all my questions about NTSC / Pal conversion, how it works and what the right products are for me. When buying online - and living on the other side of the Atlantic - I don't want to be shipping items back and forth - but with your level of service I don't see that ever happening. I have yet to experience such good service here in Denmark - you should consider opening a shop here too! By the way, the conversion quality of the CMD850 is - as you said - perfect. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work. 
Best regards, Carl W. - Vice President - Strand Consult - Denmark"

I received everything today this morning. You are very fast and I didn't have any duties to pay from customs to pay. Thanks so much for your help since the beginning. I am truly satisfied now!!! I have 2 wonderful products and let me tell you that the converter cmd 850 is the best converter I have seen so far, and for an affordable price. I will recommend it to everyone who need a great converter. The DVD free region code is absolutely fantastic and easy to use . you made my day. If you want to put this compliment in your website to let people know how your service + products are wonderful, you have my permission to do it . take care .

Bruno A."
"Just wanted to thank you guys for your quick friendly service during the busy holiday season.  I ordered a JVC DVD player around Christmas time and am very happy with the product I received.  Not only were you quick to respond to my e-mails, the player was sent out immediately after I placed my order and packed much better than other internet sellers.
It arrived quickly and safely all the way to Hawaii.  Not to mention your prices and shipping was lower. How can anyone else compete against you guys?  I will definitely recommend your site to friends! 


"Hello, Thank you for your e-mail. I finally purchased one set of video converter CDM-850 from your site. I used it right after received it. It was an amazing unit I' ve ever had. I would recommend this to my friends.

Best Regards, David"

Dear Peter, Received my second converter today & already doing service. I managed to get my two  trusty Sharp converters sorted out (power supplies had blown on both) & so now I have 2  Com World converters, 3 Sharp converters & a Ten Lab (this one needs to be "sorted out",  but without doubt the Com World's win hands down for clarity & picture quality. Many thanks for  your professional & efficient service. Kind regards,

Kevin M., Cape Town, South Africa.

"Hi Peter,

I received the Panasonic GD 55 today at my work address, prompt delivery yet again! Your service is  better than a lot of businesses in the UK and I will certainly recommend you to my family and friends if that is ok.

regards once again, Adrian T - UK"

"Hey thanks alot ,.......thats good enough for me. I think that's good you post all that information on your site. Most site selling converters do not tell you anything..... just have the converter and not the specs. Also I looked around and your prices are way less than anyone else's for the converter some places wanted 500 alone for the converter . keep up the good work.

Sincerely Chris"

The DVD player arrived today. Looks good and performs even better. Thank you for very good service to a difficult customer. I shall sing your praises in Australia whenever the subject of home electronics comes up.


"I got the order and everything is working fine, great service, thank you. I posted the model and your site on a dvd forum board, maybe it will give you some business. keep up the good work,
I will highly recommend you.

Ray J."
"Alright this might not be the right email to send this to but I trust it gets in the correct hands. I just got some tapes back that World Import converted from PAL to NTSC and what I am about to say you are welcome to quote. I am truly impressed and stunned over the speed in which I got my tapes back, about the Quality of the copies, it is just amazing and you can be sure that you have a customer for life in me, I come from Europe and now and then when my family sends me tapes I will need conversations (Because my wife wont let me have a vcr that can play em) *g* Thank you again, Brian in NY"

I just wanted to tell you that I am very impressed with your company so far. Not only have all of my questions been answered by e-mail within about an hour, but I placed my order this morning and am thrilled to already have a shipping notification from UPS. Thank you for your fine service! 

Best Regards,
Elisa L.

(no need to reply)"

"Hi Peter
You may certainly put this up on your site. Good tech support is rare today.
C.Koh. M.D.

Hello Peter, you are right. I used my portable multi vcr and 850 and the output was in color NTSC. the Aiwa is MX1
so I'm surprised it does not do the same with secam. maybe it needs servicing..............anyway I am impressed with
your response and support.
Charles Koh"

"Dear Peter:

I have received the camcorder.  In the past week I have placed 3 orders.  I have to tell you that I am impressed by your promptness and efficiency in handling everything. I look forward to using your services again whenever I need them.

Thank you.  Keep up the good work.


"Hello World Import,

I just wanted to tell you guys that i am very impressed with the dvd player i purchased from your company. Peter was alot of help also thank you.

Keithe C."

"To Peter P.

I am very sorry to hear about the lost shipment. ..............
Thank you for informing me of the situation. In no way do I think of your company negatively. I have a few friends that ordered from you in the past and they are all happy with the products you sell. Hope you and your business are doing well and I also hope you are having a great holiday season...

Thank you,
Jon N"
"Ordered a vcr and converter from you several years ago. Had such good results with product and service that I'm using you again.
Thanks alot,


Thank you for your GREAT website and all the products you offer. I purchased the P7389 (Motorola) and it came quickly, as promised UNLOCKed and everything! It took my T-mobile SIM and we were talking on the phone in the matter of just a few minutes. Thank you for your website, product descriptions and the prompt service you offered.  Most of all, Thank You for having these products available so I could choose another phone for my SIM.

Regards, Valerie B."

"Hi Peter,

Yes, please do feel free to use my comments.  I also recommended your company to my University's Department of History, as they have wanted to make use of overseas DVDs but have never been able to before. You may see an order from them before long! Thanks again for your help and your great product.

Cynthia P."

"Dear Peter,

Just wanted to drop you an email to tell you thank you for all your help in choosing the all-region DVD player.  I received my DVD player last Tuesday (in the freezing cold temperatures here in Northeastern Ohio!) but, in spite of sitting outside for a while, it warmed up nicely. Unfortunately I could not get it to work with my TV, and after everyone and his brother
told me how to connect it (nobody really understands it except people like you and others who deal with DVD players constantly) I found out I did need the RF Modulator after all.  I bought one at Circuit City on Friday, where a very nice young man explained how to connect it in layman's terms.  I came home, followed his diagram and voila!  I was watching my British
DVDs in no time.

There is only one problem now; I am becoming a couch potato!  I played Region 1 and Region 2 DVDs and both worked great.

Thanks for all your help and a great product.  It is really appreciated.

Cynthia P."


Thanks a lot for the heads-up info. I know your company has always treated me fairly and I will continue to shop at your Website for GSM phone and accessories.

James N

"Yes that price is fine. Great service as usual, I recommend your site to anyone who asks where's a good place to get region free players.

Thank you
Greg Y

"thank you so much for quick reply. i have recently purchased another player jvc 600blk from you guys and the dv333 became one for bedroom. so its not really urgent. i will send it out to repair center and see how much it will be. like you suggested i might be purchasing a new one depends on price. Your customer service is just great. i just told one of my friend who purchased dvd player from you about how good your service is and he is very pleased that he dealt with you.

once again thanks so much,


Thank you for great service.  I will be looking the R520M next week. 
Thanks for offering the R520M at the same price as the T260.


"Dear Peter,
thanks for the offer. I think it is fair this way and I will make the purchase today and hopefully it will play my DVD-R`s as you said. Thanks for your help. Great customer service.

Thanks & Regards,

"Hi again,

You people are great to deal with.  I'll take the set.  I'm going to the bank to make room on my credit card now.  Give me an hour or so and the purchase will go through.  Also, can you ship it the fastest route and charge me the difference?  Much appreciated.

Gerry H."


I had sent you the email last Thursday and the Player arrived yesterday (Monday August 5th). It’s working great! Thank you for your assistance. A satisfied customer!



Sorry about that.  The new unit is working great.  .............. I will pop them in the mail to you today. Thanks again for your wonderful customer service; one of the best I have ever encountered.

Eamonn Condon

"Hi Peter, thanks for getting back to me so promptly and if it was you that left the telephone message i would just like to say that you have a great customer service attitude ,i hope you do well with the company you work for. I am looking forward to the package arriving, i see you sell transformers which is great as i may need to buy one for my brother who lives abroad, again thanks for your professionalism it is a pleasure to deal with you,
Sincerely, Steven R."


Sorry for the confusion, I guess that was my fault since you did reply on the 2nd of May. Can you confirm that the DV-533 model is a code free payer as well? If it is a code free player I would be more than happy to take the DV-533 player instead of the discontinued one.

I thank you greatly for your time and service,
Jason K

"It worked like a charm!

Great support!

"Marty VanDuzer wrote:

I received the DVD player today. Thank you for the wonderful product, and FAST service,

"Just letting you know. A colleague of mine just purchased the CMD-850 multi-system converter.
He had second thoughts so he took The Tenlab TR21 converter for a test drive. We took some hi quality PAL DVD material and used two respectable projectors from Epson and Infocus. All that using S-video terminals for better performance.

I was amazed to notice that the "top notch" TR-21 converter is not only double the price but half the quality! The TR-21 converter device is somewhat confusing, it looks heavy and made of hi quality materials. Eventually (I conclude that) the "top notch" converter is very light weight and it's technology sucks big time, it suffered heavily from an out of phase pictures, and unreal blooming colors, the main big problem was noticeable constant waves all across the screen. All in all there's nothing to compare to the CMD-850...........

Eyal S.

"Feel free to use the comment, because it is truly a blessing to see such a great picture from dubbing!  I can't wait to get busy on all of those other tapes!  I have friends overseas who'd love to have some of my collections!  If I run into anymore trouble, which I doubt, I'll let you know...especially with my Laserdisk player.  :) Thanks For All!
Stacey Z. MO

Okay, this is also something that I'm sure I messed up on.  I followed the paper, but must have pressed the 4.43 (?) on accident...so it WAS set wrong.  Sorry about that. :( Anyway, it is in color now, and the picture is GREAT!!!  I still have to use S-video though, and the converter instructions say not to use S-video to regular video combinations.  I've done lots of dubbing in the past, so I know what I'm looking at on the back of this vcr. I must say the picture is beautiful.  I love the player, AND the CMD 850. I think you've answered my questions, I had it set up wrong. Thanks for you help.

Thanks Much.
Stacey Z."

Also, can I mention your comment on our site for other customers to read??

"yes...by all means....also....leave my e-mail address on the board if you like.. I will respond to folks who e-mail me about it...it's a great product and I want you to sell a ton of them...this way, if i need one 10 years down the road it might be easier to find...LOL:) and PLEASE, PLEASE let me know if the manufacture ever discontinues the product....i hate to get something i love and not be able to replace it when it goes bad.....like i say...I'll stick a back-up 850 in a drawer if i need to.... but maybe the parts are no big deal and the unit is easy to fix if it goes down? let me know about this please.

It has most amazing thing is the stabilization capabilities...i feed crap video in and smooth video comes out.... especially at the top where ya get wavy lines like on some other conversion systems ....not with the 850... it's all smooth....even domestic video looks better....almost all video looks better fed through that thing unless the source is super clean...then there is no difference...but take something old or something with a EP source and feed it through the 850....it's really amazing what that little thing can do....and the copy guard issue is no issue at all when you use the 850...ya dont need a proc amp...just that CMD850. thanks again..:) all my best...."

Kim DC0007@aol.com

"I had the opportunity to make a performance comparison between the CMD-850 and a top-of-the-line converter of another major manufacturer, the Tenlab TR-21. I had to conclude that the CMD-850 has a higher static resolution and far less noticeable motion artifacts than the other product which costs twice as much! The automatic input system detection provides great convenience and is implemented in a very reliable form. I was pleasantly surprised that while the converter is turned off it bypasses the input video completely without any intervention or distortion of the source. This eliminates the need to connect/disconnect any cables or having to use an external source selector switch. In its category and beyond, the CMD-850 is the best value I know of in multi-system video converters under $1000."

Zoltan T.

"......Great products, (CMD-850 & JVC Multisystem Multi-System VCR)!  The quality playing back PAL tapes is incredible and much better than conversions I was paying for in the past.  A major added benefit I was not expecting is how the converter significantly cleans up and sharpens inferior VHS video images. How is this possible?!
Thanks again,
Dan P"

"I've got everything set up and am making PAL copies of my camcorder tapes to send overseas.  I'm using the S-Video cables with an audio cable. When I set the converter to auto, it selects S-video and NTSC 3.58.  I am extremely impressed with the quality of the conversion.  It looks just like the original. I am also wondering if it may actually be even better to view on a PAL TV since they won't have to convert the video on playback? I had to convert it once to VCR tape and once to play it back so it would seem that viewing on an NTSC TV is a conversion of a conversion. I have put in a good word for this converter and I think you should advertise it on expatriate websites where there is always a discussion about multi-system TVs and tapes."

Nathan Macey

"Hi - Peter! I received the (DVC-920) converter last week Monday. Excellent service and I am very happy with the machine. I am also grateful for the low price for customs. 
Much thanks,

Trevor Thomas"
South Africa

"Thank you very much for sending me the (CMD-850) converter I ordered. It works perfect. I thank you for your excellent service.

Knut-Ove Larsen

"I received yesterday the JVC S5700 Multisystem SVHS recorder and CMD850 converter, and I'm delighted with the results so far.  It has replaced an Aiwa multisystem-converter unit, and improved the picture on pre-recorded PAL videos to an almost shocking extent. I didn't know what I was missing!  The set-up was problem-free (except for preset 1 being channel 2, and so on up the frequencies, takes a bit of getting used to).  Waiting for the next interesting classical music broadcast to give the S-video recording a try."

Jeff Friedman (NY)

"I wanted to thank your company for the wonderful product that you are marketing. I received the delivery of my CMD-850 last week and across the entire week end I was watching my digital video footage that I had taken outside the US. I was thrilled to observe that there was no noticeable loss of picture quality and the product worked like a charm. I would like to thank you for the CMD-850, especially, because it saved me the botheration of purchasing a NTSC format digital camcorder."

P. A. 


I've been a lot in touch with you last days. I ordered Pioneer DV-C503 multi-region and converter CMD-850. I've received them and played with them a bit. They are great. The modification with I.C.O.S. kit works great and I was able to swap discs from region 1, 2 and 0 without any problem or need to set region manually.

The converter is unbelievably good. The TenLab 21 converter (very high quality) was a reference for me. I was afraid that CMD-850 would not be that good and precise. I was wrong. the CMD-850 is the same class as TenLab 21 missing only bypass on composite signal when turned off comparing to TenLab 21. However, the quality of digital conversion of CDM-850 is unbelievably great. I made also experiment using the converter with very poor cable signal of TV (lot of noise and electrical interference). It filtered out almost all noise improving picture on my Sony TV! That's amazing since Sony TV's already have some electronics to enhance picture even with lower quality signal. I believe that CMD-850 design was a good engineering concept and a good design. Now the important part is that it is half of price of TenLab 21 (about $750)!"

Best regards,
Maciej Samsel
(Electronics and software engineer from Poland living in the USA - MSEE)

"Just wanted to tell you that I am really pleased with the converter. Much better than using the Samsung SV-5000W."

Frank. Burke. Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Film Studies in Canada

"..... VCR works great and the 850 converter is a charm... We cannot tell the difference between the original and the converted images..."

Nigel F. - UK

"We got the JVC multi-system VCR and finally got to experience the CMD-850. I'm writing to tell you we are utterly delighted. For years we've been putting up with converted PAL videos, but now that we can play PAL videos directly on our NTSC TV, we see what we've been missing! The picture quality is unsurpassed. Thanks so much for a quality product.

Thanks again,

Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa"

"I received your CMD-850 converter. and ... OH MY GOD IT'S AMAZING ! I just wanted to thank you for making this INCREDIBLE device available online. And I'm NOT kidding... I usually never send product feedbacks like this but, in this case, I'm ready to make an exception. I've always been a fan of overseas videos & especially R2/PAL DVDs and I've been playing around with converters for 3 years now. My latest was the built-in converter inside the SAMPO DVD player. But nothing could prepare me for the CMD-850. The quality of this thing is SUPERB ! It must be the next best thing to actually owning a PAL or SECAM TV instead of a regular NTSC set. And it even comes with 2 S-Video cables !!! (even SONY DVD players don't do that,.. not even one cable..;;-). I find the design really cool and the frontal interface is VERY "user-friendly" . Dude,.. I REALLY hope Com World doesn't discontinue this product because I think I'll actually want to buy a spare in a year or two .. (just in case..). I'm so happy with it I give you full permission to put this review on your site,... (just replace my name with "An experienced electronics fan from Montreal",.. hee hee ;:-)
Have a nice day there......"

"We received it (CMD-850) today in the mail. It was much smaller, lighter and simpler than I had imagined, but when we plugged it in, it performed excellently. We get a superb picture. Now you have an advocate customer. Thanks.

Les A."

"I wanted to thank you for all the help and great customer service you provided me with. Thank you for your offer. The CMD-850 converter works really well and the resolution is perfect. Please know that I will be contacting you in the future if I need to buy any electronic equipment. 

Sandrine B

"Dear Peter,

I want to thank you for all the help that you have afforded me in the past month regarding the DVD player.  It works wonderfully and the CMD-850 converter is the best I have ever come across. I will be ordering much more in the future and can't wait to work with you again!
Best regards, 

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