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Sharp LC-60A77M 60" Multi System LCD TV

Model:   LC-60A77M   |   by Sharp

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  • 60" Full HD 1080p 1920 X 1080, wide LCD Screen
  • Fine Motion Advanced 100/120Hz for reducing motion blur
  • 10-bt signal processing panel
  • 50000:1 contrast ratio, Hi definition wide LCD Screen
  • 3 HDMI inputs, PC input
  • World-Wide NTSC/PAL/SECAM Color System - Watch any video signal on this TV!
  • NTSC M, PAL BG/PAL I/Secam BG, DK/ PAL DK TV tuners
  • Automatic world wide voltage: 100-240 Volts 50/60 HZ
  • Works in any Country!
  • Works with PAL, NTSC, Secam TV Systems!
    No Extra Equipment needed.
  • 100/120Hz for reducing motion blur
  • Full HD 1920 X 1080 resolution!
  • World Wide Dual Voltage!

Setting New Standard of Large Screen Size TVs, the new Sharp LC-60A77M 60-inch Multi System AQUOS LCD TV changes your living room into an exciting movie theater. It produces a breathtaking picture quality that is second to none. The LC-60A77M utilizes Sharp's proprietary Advanced Super View Superlucent Panel with Spectral Contrast Engine XD, providing a high Contrast Ratio, 4ms response time and wide viewing angles.

Key Features:

  • Model: Sharp LC-60A77M Multi System Full HD LCD TV
  • 60" 16:9 Full HD Panel with 1920 X 1080p resolution
  • Hi Definition 1080p Full HDTV
  • 100/120Hz Fine Motion Advanced for smooth reproduction for fast-moving pictures/video.
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio 50,000:1
  • 6,220,800 pixels (1,920 x 3 x 1,080p)
  • World-Wide NTSC/PAL/SECAM Color System - Watch any video signal on this TV!
  • Tuners: NTSC M, PAL BG/PAL I/Secam BG, DK/ PAL DK TV tuners
  • This is a multisystem TV. All Multi System TVs in the market do not have a digital TV tuner: What does this mean? To watch digital channels (ATSC Broadcasting in US and DVBT broadcasting overseas) you need a digital source/tuner like a cable box, digital tuner, satellite service, etc. To get the best quality video on this TV you need a source that has a digital connection like HDMI or component. We suggest you take a few minutes and read more about this topic on our Help Page at: http://www.world-import.com/info.htm#tuners
  • ASV Superlucent LCD Panel - for a more lifelike picture, displaying over 1 billion colors with truer blacks and reduced reflection.
  • "RGB Plus" system backlight for reproducing natural colors
  • Full 10 Bit signal processor
  • 120Hz Fine Motion Enhanced - for the ultimate in fast-motion picture quality.
  • Spectral Contrast Engine XD - for unrivaled deep blacks and delicate contrast management.
  • Active Contrast - Dynamic range extension based on advanced real-time picture analysis for a greater sense of depth.
  • Active Color - picture processing results in rich color, especially in bright scenes.
  • AQUOS Link™ - enables convenient control of AQUOS Blu-ray Disc™ Players.
  • High Brightness - Sharp LCD TVs are very bright, so you can put them virtually anywhere - even near windows, doors or other light sources - and the picture is still vivid.
  • OPC (Optical Picture Control) - automatically adjusts brightness to suit room lighting
  • Voltage: automatic switching between 100-240 volts 50/60Hz for use world wide

Full Features:

  • 10-Bit ASV Superlucent LCD Panel: The LC-60E77UN's 10-bit Advanced Super View Superlucent/Black TFT Panel, from Sharp's state-of-the-art Kameyama factory, offers a more lifelike picture, truer blacks, reduced reflection, and fast response time.
  • Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) Resolution: The LCD television displays all inputs at a resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080). The television's HDMI and component video inputs will accept 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i video signals.
  • 3 HDMI Inputs: The television's 3 HDMI inputs (2 rear/1 side) can be used to connect a DVD player, Game console, HDTV and/or Satellite Set-top box with an HDMI output. One of the rear-panel HDMI inputs can also be used to connect a device with a DVI output (a DVI-to-HDMI adapter cable is necessary). If a DVI-equipped device is used, a separate audio cable will also be needed from the device to the shared PC stereo minijack audio input. No audio cables are needed for an HDMI-equipped device. The same HDMI input can also be used to connect a PC to this TV. The HDMI jacks will accept 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i signals
  • 2 Component Video Inputs: The two Component Video jacks will accept 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i signals.
    Note: The two component video inputs share stereo RCA audio jacks with a composite video and S-video input which will accept 480i video signals.
  • High Brightness: The Sharp LCD TV is very bright (450 cd/m2), so you can put it virtually anywhere - even near windows, doors or other light sources; and the picture is still vivid.
  • Spectral Contrast Engine: Enhanced Picture Contrast Technology provides high contrast ratios for incredible skin/common_files/images whether you are watching dark or bright scenes.
  • Wide Viewing Angles: Viewing Angles are wide (176º H x 176º V) so you can view the Sharp LCD TV from practically anywhere in the room.
  • 4ms Response Time with 120Hz Fine Motion Enhanced: The Sharp Aquos LCD TV features a 4ms response time for clear fast moving skin/common_files/images . The Sharp Aquos LCD TV is also equipped with 120Hz Fine Motion Enhanced technology to offer even clearer fast-motion picture quality. 120Hz Fine Motion Enhanced creates a smoother picture with less jitter for ultra-smooth fast motion.

View Modes: The Sharp Aquos LCD TV offers the following view modes to suit the current type of video signal.

  • Stretch: Suitable for viewing 1.78:1 aspect-ratio HD programs. When viewing 1.85:1 programs, the stretch mode will still show very think black bands at the  top and bottom of the screen.
  • S. Stretch (Smart Stretch): Suitable for stretching 4:3 programs to fill the screen.
  • Full Screen (720p only): You can select Full Screen only when receiving a 720p signal.
  • Zoom: Suitable for viewing wide-screen 2.35:1 anamorphic DVDs in full screen.
  • Side Bar: Suitable for viewing conventional 4:3 programs in their normal format.
  • Dot-by-Dot (1080i/p only): Detects the resolution of the signal of the image and it will be shown on the screen with the same amount of pixels.

Video Modes: The Sharp Aquos LCD TV offers the various video modes to better suit the content you are viewing. You can choose from the following.

  • Auto: Optimizes the image quality automatically based on the room brightness and image signal.
  • Standard: For a highly defined image in normal lighting.
  • Movie: For viewing movies with low light.
  • Game: Lowers image brightness for easier viewing.
  • PC: Suited for using the LCD TV as a computer monitor.
  • User: Allows you to customize settings for each input source. You can adjust the following - Backlight, Contrast, Brightness, Color, Tint, and Sharpness.
  • Dynamic: For a clear-cut image emphasizing high contrast, useful for sports viewing.
  • Dynamic (Fixed): Changes the image and sound settings to the factory preset values. No adjustments are allowed.

Advanced Picture Settings: The Sharp Aquos LCD television offers the following advanced picture settings for further picture enhancement and enjoyment.

  • C.M.S. (Color Management System): Color tone is managed using the six-color adjustment setting. You can adjust Hue (adjust reddish and bluish tones), Saturation (increases or decreases saturation of color), and Value (increases or decrease brightness).
  • Color Temperature: The television's Color Temperature control adjusts the white balance of the TV from High, Mid-High, Middle, Mid-Low, or Low. The white balance can then be adjusted between a maximum of +30 and a minimum of -30 for each color temperature.
  • Active Contrast: Dynamic range extension based on advanced real-time picture analysis for a greater sense of depth. Automatically adjusts the image contrast according to the scene.
  • Gamma Adjustment: Adjusts the differences of picture tones between bright parts and dark parts. The adjustment range of the gamma can be set to a maximum of +2 and a minimum of -2.
  • Black Level: Adjust on-screen black level to your preferred level (Low or High).
  • Film Mode (3:2 pull-down): Automatically detects a film-base source (originally encoded at 24 fps), analyzes it, and then recreates each still film frame for high-definition picture quality.
  • DNR: Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) produces a clear video image by reducing noise artifacts.
  • 3D-Y/C (Composite and analog broadcasts): Provides high quality skin/common_files/images with minimal dot crawl and cross color noise.
  • Monochrome: For viewing a video in  monochrome.

OPC (Optical Picture Control): Optical Picture Control automatically adjust the brightness of the screen. The Optical Picture Control (OPC) sense the surround light and automatically adjusts the backlight brightness. The brightness level range of the OPC sensor's automatic adjustments can be set according to your preferences. The adjustment range of the OPC sensor can be set to a maximum of +16 and a minimum of _16.

Audio Features:

Audio Settings: You can adjust the sound quality of the television's built-in speakers to your preference with the following audio settings.

  • Bass & Treble: You can adjust the Bass, Treble, and Balance of the unit's built-in stereo speakers to your preference.
  • Surround: The Surround function produces a virtual surround effect from the television's built-in speakers.
  • Bass Enhancer: This function allows you to enjoy bass-enhanced sound.
  • Auto Volume: Different sound sources sometimes do not have the same volume level, such as a program and its commercial breaks. The Automatic Volume Control reduces this problem by equalizing levels.
  • Clear Voice: This function emphasizes speech against background noise for greater clarity.
  • Audio Only: when listening to music from a music program, you can turn the screen of and enjoy audio only.

Digital Audio: The optical digital output on the rear panel will output Dolby Digital (when available) or 2 channel PCM.
Analog Audio (fixed or variable):The television features a stereo analog RCA audio output for connecting the television to an analog 2-channel receiver.

PC/USB Functions:

PC Input: This rear-panel input consists of a stereo mini-jack and an analog RGB (D-Sub 15-pin) jack. This jack allows you to connect a personal computer with a D-Sub 15-pin output. When using the RGB (D-Sub 15-pin) jack, you must use the PC Audio 3.5mm input for your audio connection. The Sharp television supports the following PC resolutions - VGA (720 x 400/640 x 480), SVGA (800 x 600), XGA (1024 x 768), WXGA (1360 x 768), SXGA (1280 x 1024), SXGA+ (1400 x 1050), or UXGA (1600 x 1200).
Service Port: The TV features a side-panel USB port (type-A) so you can insert a USB memory device for software updates.

Convenience Features:

Input Label: You can select from preset labels for each video input.
Favorite Channel: This function allows you to program 4 favorite channels, in 4 different categories. By setting the favorite channels in advance, you can select your favorite channels quicker and easier from the included remote control.
Sleep Timer: The Sleep Timer function allows you to set a time when the TV automatically switches to standby mode. You can set the sleep timer to 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes.
Power Control Settings: Power control settings allows you to save energy.

  • Power Saving: This function allows you to set the Power Saving level in order to decrease the power consumption and increase the backlight lifespan. The Power Saving feature can be set to Standard, Advanced, or Off.
  • No Signal Off: The power will automatically shut down if there is no signal for 15 minutes.
  • No Operation Off: The power will automatically shut down if there is no operation for 3 hours or 30 minutes.
  • RS-232C Port: The RS-232C port can be used to communicate with compatible PCs and other home theater control devices.


  • HDMI  : 3
  • AV-In  : 3(side x 1)
  • Component  : 2
  • S-Video in : 1(Rear)
  • PC in : 1

Weight and Dimensions:

  • without stand: 1,437.5 x 893 x 130
  • with stand: 1,437.5 x 952.5 x 445.5
  • Weight without stand: 38.0Kg
  • Weight with stand: 43.0Kg

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