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PAL to NTSC Video Converters

Turn your existing TV into a world wide global TV. This is an excellent option for customers that already own a NTSC only TV. A PAL to NTSC TV video converter box will allow you to take your American TV to a PAL/SECAM country. Thus avoiding the need to buy a new MultiSystem TV.

Our Video Converter Guarantee: World-import.com has been designing and manufacturing PAL/NTSC converter for over 10 years now. For this reason we bring you the latest technology at the lowest prices. We are also the first company to introduce new Patent Pending PAL to NTSC Converter models with built-in TV tuner! All our Com World Series converters are the best PAL to NTSC video converters on the market today! Find a better PAL NTSC video converter for even twice the money and we will give you a 110% refund! Plus, we will pay for return shipping fees too! None of our competitors can say that!

Don't buy Imitation units!

There are no other Authorized dealers for our items! These are our own custom designed products. Other sites advertise them but have no stock of our models. It is a bait and switch tactic. Don't waste your time! Some websites sell cheaper imitations unit with Chinese remote, manual and unit - as shown in the image. These models will not have the same product quality, conversion quality and features like our models. And they will be in Chinese language. So it will be impossible for you to use them.

What is a PAL to NTSC Video Converter?

A video converter is a device/software that will change/convert one video format to another. Our speciality is video conversion between the World Wide Video formats PAL, NTSC, SECAM. Our PAL NTSC SECAM video converters will convert one video system to another video system. Customer use them for various reasons. The most popular is mentioned here. Check the items' full specifications for other uses.

The most common use for a PAL to NTSC Video Converter: Take your American TV to a PAL or Secam Country!

This is a explanation on what equipment you need in order to use a NTSC TV (American TV) in a PAL or Secam country.

When you want to use NTSC Video equipment (like a US format TV) in a PAL Country (like Ghana, Nigeria, Germany, UK, Australia, etc) you need a PAL to NTSC Converter. A PAL to NTSC Video Converter is a device that takes PAL (Euro, Asia, Africa, South America, etc.) input, processes the signal and changes it to NTSC (US, Canada, Mexico, Japan) output for viewing on your NTSC TV. For example, if you have a NTSC TV you bought here in the US and want to use it in the UK. Our PAL to NTSC Converter will take the PAL UK Signal and change it to NTSC for viewing on your NTSC TV. Another example, if you have a PAL Video Camera you bought in Hong Kong and now want to use it on an American TV. The most common use is for that LCD or Plasma TV you bought at Costco, Best Buy, etc. and took it to a PAL country like India, Germany, UK, Australia. Now you need a PAL to NTSC Video Converter, like our CMD-RF1080p, for sure.

The new CMD-RF1080p solves all of your problems for PAL to NTSC TV conversion. Before this model came out you needed an external TV tuner plus a PAL to NTSC video converter to use your American TV in a PAL/Secam country. Now, with the CMDRF1080p, you do not need an external TV tuner as it has its own built-in PAL/SECAM TV tuner! This model has a built in TV tuner for PAL and Secam systems: PAL B/G, D/K, I and Secam, B/G, D/K, L. So the CMDRF1080pworks as a TV tuner and a Pal to NTSC Converter also. And it will output in NTSC format through HDMI connection for HDTV. It is the perfect solution for those customers that already own an NTSC HDTV. So now you can take that American TV you bought at Best Buy, Sears, Costco, Wal-Mart, etc. to any Pal or Secam country outside the USA. This model is on factory promotion so the price is very low now. The CMD-RF1080p is actually priced lower than all other video converters for limited time only!

Just plug your antenna into this converter and then connect the HDMI output to your American TV. That's it. Before this model was introduced you also needed a TV tuner to use your American TV in a PAL/SECAM Country. Not anymore. The CMD-RF1080p eliminates all extra boxes and external tuners. It also has HDMI input, RCA input, S-Video input and Component input in case you want to use any other PAL devices on your American TV. The CMD-RF1080p is the first ever PAL TV Converter. It actually converts PAL TV channels to NTSC. As mentioned before it also does conversion of video input through HDMI, RCA, Component as earlier models did. So you do not lose any functionality.

If you buy a video converter that does not have a built-in TV tuner then the setup changes and become more complicated. Then, to use a NTSC (American TV) in a PAL country, you need two items: A local TV broadcast tuner and a video converter. The local TV tuner must be able to receive the specific PAL or SECAM broadcasting in the country. Basically it is needed to receive local TV channels. Most multi-system VCRs have a PAL tuner or you can buy a cable box or satellite dish in the PAL country you are going to. The VCR or tuner will receive and output the local TV or cable channels. The Video converter will then take this PAL signal and convert it to NTSC for viewing on your existing American TV set. The key to this process is to buy an excellent quality video converter like the CMD-1500. The CMD-1500 has RCA and S-Video inputs and outputs. We have many video converters on our site that start at $129.99. All the PAL to NTSC Video Converters are on our site for your review.

If you have a HDTV LCD or Plasma then consider buying one of our HD High Definition Video Converters. We have now introduced fully digital video converter models with HDMI output like our CMD-HDX5CMD-HDX6 and CMD-HDX98. These models convert PAL (up to 1080p) HDTV to NTSC (up to 1080p) HDTV. These models will take RCA input, HDMI input and Component input and change to HDMI output up to full HD 1080p! The best feature of these models is that they have New Digital technology which provides direct conversion without any signal loss. The input and output will be the same without any degradation after the conversion. Using the high definition quality conversion of these HDTV you can convert PAL HDTV signals to NTSC HDTV for viewing on your existing NTSC HDTV. Eliminating the need to buy a newmulti-system TV set. Local PAL HDTV tuner like a Cable Box or Satellite Receiver is required to get HD signals.

Our PAL NTSC video converters are so good that you will not get a better PAL NTSC video converter model even if you spend 3 times the price! Our guarantee is that if you find a model that gives you better conversion for even 3 times the price we will take our video converter back and even arrange for return shipping (within the USA). So if you buy any other model you won't like the conversion quality!  We can ship our models world wide also!

Call usemail us, or stop by our store if you have any questions. We can recommend specific models and recommendations based on your PAL NTSC conversion requirement.

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