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Frequently Asked Questions and Help Page

Welcome to our frequently asked questions (FAQs) page. Here you will find most answers to your multi-system, voltage and region free questions. Like what size transformer you need? Why to buy that model? What digital tuners do and more. So you should find allot of useful information here. Please e-mail if you still have any concerns or doubts about the product that you are purchasing. Or stop by our store for an in store demo. Also, feel free to e-mail us questions that you feel should be answered here.

General FAQs

Multi-System LED TV FAQs

DVD and Blu-Ray FAQs

Video FAQs

Voltage Transformer FAQs

What you need to use a NTSC TV in a PAL country or a PAL TV in a NTSC country. Also answers which Video Converter do I buy?

The new CMD-RF1080p solves all of your problems for PAL to NTSC TV conversion. Before this model came out you needed an external TV tuner plus a PAL to NTSC video converter to use your American TV in a PAL/Secam country. Now, with the CMDRF1080p, you do not need an external TV tuner as it has its own built-in PAL/SECAM TV tuner! This model has a built in TV tuner for PAL and Secam systems: PAL B/G, D/K, I and Secam, B/G, D/K, L. So the CMDRF1080p works as a TV tuner and a Pal to NTSC Converter also. And it will output in NTSC format through HDMI connection for HDTV. It is the perfect solution for those customers that already own an NTSC HDTV. So now you can take that American TV you bought at Best Buy, Sears, Costco, Wal-Mart, etc. to any Pal or Secam country outside the USA. This model is on factory promotion so the price will not be so low. The CMD-RF1080p is actually priced lower than all other video converters for limited time only!

Just plug your antenna into this converter and then connect the HDMI output to your American TV. That's it. Before this model was introduced you also needed a TV tuner to use your American TV in a PAL/SECAM Country. Not anymore. The CMD-RF1080p eliminates all extra boxes and external tuners. It also has HDMI input, RCA input, S-Video input and Component input in case you want to use any other PAL devices on your American TV.

If you buy a video converter that does not have a built-in TV tuner then the setup changes. Then, to use a NTSC (American TV) in a PAL country, you need two items: A local TV broadcast tuner and a video converter. The local TV tuner must be able to receive the specific PAL or SECAM broadcasting in the country. Basically it is needed to receive local TV channels. Most multi-system VCRs have a PAL tuner or you can buy a cable box or satellite dish in the PAL country you are going to. The VCR or tuner will receive and output the local TV or cable channels. The Video converter will then take this PAL signal and convert it to NTSC for viewing on your existing American TV set. The key to this process is to buy an excellent quality video converter like the CMD-1500. The CMD-1500 has RCA and S-Video inputs and outputs. We have many video converters on our site that start at $99.99. All the PAL to NTSC Video Converters are on our site for your review.

If you have a HDTV LCD or Plasma then consider buying one of our HD High Definition Video Converters. We have now introduced fully digital video converter models with HDMI output like our CMD-HDX5, CMD-HDX6 and CMD-HDX98. These models convert PAL (up to 1080p) HDTV to NTSC (up to 1080p) HDTV. These models will take RCA input, HDMI input and Component input and change to HDMI output up to full HD 1080p! The best feature of these models is that they have New Digital technology which provides direct conversion without any signal loss. The input and output will be the same without any degradation after the conversion. Using the high definition quality conversion of these HDTV you can convert PAL HDTV signals to NTSC HDTV for viewing on your existing NTSC HDTV. Eliminating the need to buy a new multi-system TV set. Local PAL HDTV tuner like a Cable Box or Satellite Receiver is required to get HD signals.

Our PAL NTSC video converters are so good that you will not get a better PAL NTSC video converter model even if you spend 3 times the price! Our guarantee is that if you find a model that gives you better conversion for even 3 times the price we will take our video converter back and even arrange for return shipping (within the USA). So if you buy any other model you won't like the conversion quality!  We can ship our models world wide also!

To use a PAL/SECAM (Euro/Asian TV) in a NTSC country you need the same equipment. Call or email for specific models and recommendations.


What is an LED TV? And what are the advantages of an LED TV?

You may have heard the term LED TV a lot lately. It is the newest addition and upgrade to the type of TV's that are available in the market. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Contrary to popular belief, LED TV's are not technically a category of their own. In fact, the only difference between an LCD TV and an LED TV is the internal hardware. LCD TV's use cathode fluorescent lights to bring light to the main panel of the TV. On the other hand, LED TV's use light emitting diodes (hence the name) which are located on the edges of the TV (AKA edge-lit LED's) or along the back of the TV (AKA back-lit LED's). We have come a long way since Plasma Screen TV's and it is finally time to bid adeau to those large, heavy, and bulky, TV's. While it is true that the picture quality of the Plasma Screens were strong, LED TV's have proven to be quite the competitor. The biggest advantage that Plasma Screens offered was the darkness  just how dark, the darks were. This caused an effect of realism of the picture viewing because of how natural the colors looked. This sense of realism was something that the earlier LCD TV's failed to touch on but is a feature the LED TV's have been able to bring back to life.


This paragraph will help you understand what TV digital and analog tuners do and what they are used for.

All Multi-System TV's, DVD recorders and VCR's have do not have digital TV tuners. A tuner enables a TV, VCR and to receive local TV (off the air from your roof top antenna or rabbit ears) stations. Or cable TV, that is, if the item is equipped with a CATV ready tuner. For example, a PAL BG tuner will allow the TV or VCR to tune PAL BG TV stations in countries that broadcast in PAL BG, i.e. Sweden, Iceland, Germany, UK, Australia, India and more. A NTSC M tuner will allow reception of cable or regular broadcasting in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Check your country's broadcasting system here. The same rule applies for all NTSC, PAL and SECAM countries. We mention what type of tuner each TV, VCR and DVD recorder on our site is equipped with, within its description. A tuner is no way connected in the process of converting video systems or playing tapes from different countries. A common misunderstanding is that a NTSC tuner will allow you to play a PAL movie on an NTSC TV. That is not true! To play PAL movies on a NTSC you need to read this explanation.

Digital Tuners:

A TV with a built-in Digital TV tuner allows it receive digital broadcasts over the air. Over the air means reception through your roof antenna or rabbit ears. A TV with an ATSC tuner allows for it to receive Digital TV broadcasting reception in the USA. A TV with a DVB-T tuner allows for it to receive Digital TV broadcasting reception in Europe and Asia (in specific countries where digital DVBT broadcasting is available). For the very few channels are broadcast over the air it is not a very important feature. That is why no multi-system TV at this time has a digital ATSC TV tuner. We have many multi-system TV models that have a DVB-T tuner.

We also sell DTV receivers. For TVs with analog TV tuners we sell a HD receiver for $69.99. This digital TV receiver box will take the off the air digital broadcasts and convert them to HDMI output to watch on your HDTV TV. That will give you the best quality also. Please read our recommendations and thoughts below also.

Our thoughts on digital TV tuners:

A digital TV works best with digital signals. Using an analog signal with a digital TV will give you very poor video on your digital TV. The best digital signal is provided through an HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) connection from a digital source like DVD, Digital Cable or for the best video quality use Digital Satellite service or Blu Ray. So, if you have one of these digital sources a digital TV tuner is not required at all. So all the hype about over the air broadcasting going all digital by February 2009 is not important at all based on our experience.


What is Macrovision and what are Copy Enhancers?

Copy Enhancers stabilize video signals for perfect copies. Normally, if you try to copy a video that has copy protection your VCR or DVD recorder will not allow the recording process to start. You will get an error similar to "This type of signal cannot be copied!" or "Copy right protected!" or " Cannot copy!", etc. We sell copy enhancers which removes all types of copy guards. They are shown on our site at: macrovisionkiller.htm. You can use them to copy from your cable box, satellite TV, HBO, CineMax, DVD player to DVD recorder, VHS to DVD, DVD to VHS, basically anything to anything!

How they work:

Connection is simple. Just connect the copy enhancer, like the DP-X7000, between your source (like VCR, DVD player, cable box, satellite receiver) and recorder (like DVD recorder, Hard drive, VCR, mini-DV recorder, 8mm Recorder, etc...). It works like a filter and like magic you can now record any of your movies that you buy, already own or rent!

Remember to take into account any copyright laws that are involved when copying DVD or VHS tapes. Any unauthorized duplication of any copyrighted media is your responsibility.


What is a region Free DVD Player? What is a region free blu-ray player? And which model do I buy?

There are 6 regions in the World. Click here to see the World region code map. Not only is a region involved in playing a DVD disc but PAL and NTSC video formats also play a key role. A region free DVD player will play any DVD from any region in the World. A region free DVD player is also capable of playing both PAL and NTSC formats. There is a lot more involved in playing a DVD from another country. For example, DVDs from the UK are region 2 and are in the PAL format. So, to play a region 2 PAL movie from the UK you need a Region free DVD player that has a built-in video converter. These models are known as "Models that work on any TV" on our site. Another example is playing DVDs from Japan. Japan is also region 2 but their movies are in the NTSC format. To play Japanese region 2 DVDs in America all you need is a region free DVD player. No need for a Multi-System TV or a model with a video converter as American TVs are NTSC also.

We carry many DVD players that have built-in video converters. These models are our most popular as they work without any extra equipment, right out of the box! These are models that will play any region DVD on any TV in the World. For high end video quality buy a Pioneer DV-3022V-K This model has a 3 way converter to enable playback of any DVD on any TV in the World just like the Philips DVD-2880,Samsung E-360, and Samsung DVD-C500 we sell on our site.

Our region free DVD players will play any region DVD from any country. Our region free DVD player will even play specially coded DVDs that have RCE and REA coding on them. These RCE/REA coded DVDs are specially designed not to play on region free DVD player. But our models overcome this code and play them perfectly as well. That is our guarantee!

A popular add-on to a region free DVD player is the DP-X7000 Copy Enhancer. With both items plus a DVD recorder you can make copies of any DVD you buy, own or rent. Learn more about this topic and other MultiSystem Technical Topics on our site under Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs.

Now we will explain and give an example on blu ray regions. Blu ray players are a perfect fit for your HDTV, especially for all the new 3-D LED TVs so widely available in the market today. We recommend Multi-Region Blu Ray DVD player models even for TVs that have lower resolution than 1080p. Blu Ray DVD players will give you a better video output and better video reproduction on your multi-system TV even when you play normal resolution DVDs. It is not necessary to play Blu Ray DVDs on a Multi Region Blu-Ray DVD Player, you can use them to play standard definition DVDs as well.

Now for the explanation, a blu ray movie from Germany, UK and most of Europe is region B. A Blu Ray from USA is region A. We do have a map of the different regions of the world on our website to check your region. To play these movies you would normally need two players: a region B player for the European Blu Ray and a region A Blu ray player for the US movie. But now you can buy only ONE Region Free blu ray player from us which will play everything. Region Free blu ray Players will play any region blu ray movie from any country, and most of them will work on any TV as well. Buy a model like the Sony BDP-S3200 and you will be able to play any blu ray or dvd from any coutry on any TV! It's that simple!

On our website you will find a list of the LATEST region free blu ray players (also known as multi-region ABC blu ray). These specially modified blu-ray players can play regions ABC for Blu-Ray and they also play DVD regions 0-6. We also carry models that are region free for DVD and Region A for blu-ray movies for those customer only wanting to play overseas DVDs but only US region A Blu-Ray movies. We sell the latest 2014-2015 models, not the older models that everyone else sells. All models come with a lifetime region free warranty.

You can now use our filter function on our website to narrow down your buying choices based on your specific requirements. Click on the image below to start shopping.


Which Voltage Transformer to buy?

Be sure to check our new online tool that helps you find the right size voltage transformer and also the right type of voltage transformer. It is on our site: Go to the "Voltage Transformer Finder" now.

We sell 2 types of voltage transformers, Step down Transformer and Step up Transformer. These 2 types are available in 4 styles as we will learn when you read further.

Step down transformers are used outside of the USA in 220/240 volt countries. They take 220/240 Volts and "step down" the voltage to 110/120 Volts so you can use your US equipment in a foreign country. Check our voltage/plug socket chart to see which countries use what type of voltage and wall outlets.

Step up transformers are for use in the USA. Or in other 110/120 volt countries like Canada and Mexico. They will take household 110/120 Volts AC and "step up" to 220/240 volts. So you can use foreign electronics in the USA with a step up transformer. Check our voltage/plug socket chart to see which countries use what type of voltage and wall outlets.


- Style A models are only step down models that are good for continuous use: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

- Style A-UP/DOWN models are only step down models that are good for continuous use: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

- Style B models offers 2 way conversion. They have the capability of working as a Step UP voltage transformer or a Step DOWN Voltage Transformer all by switching a button on the back of the transformer. These models also offer a housing for the transformer so you will not feel the heat generated by the transformer. They also have multiple outlets (2-4 outlets depending on the model) and an ON/OFF switch for added convenience.

- Style D models are our best quality transformers. They offer Step Up and Step Down feature, an output voltage meter and best of all Style D models have a voltage regulator. The voltage regulator function assures a voltage output that is known as a "clean" and spike free voltage source. So, if the input voltage varies (up to 40%) the output of the transformer will be steady at the selectable 220/240 Volts or 110/120 Volts. This model is perfect for use in countries that have an unstable household voltage supply. Our customers use it in India, parts of Middle East, Africa, South America, etc.. Style D models are the perfect solution for sensitive equipment like; TVs, VCRs, DVDs, Computers, Printers, AV Equipment, etc.. A notable feature of style D models is that they can be used for regulation alone without converting voltage. So you can use also them as a surge protector in any country.

Which size to buy:

What size (capacity in watts) transformer you want to buy depends on the input watts required by your item. If your device does not mention watts then use this formula to derive watts from other information. Watts = Volts X Amps. For example, a 1.1Amp device which runs on 110 volts would be 121 watts. Remember to leave at least a 100% slack for the transformer. Using them to maximum capacity will eventually burn the transformer out after prolonged use. So for that 1.1 Amp/121 Watt device buy a 300 watt transformer.

Some items, such as laser printers, microwaves, CRT TVs/Monitors and power tools spike when you turn them on. These "spikes" occur for a fraction of second but they raise the required amperage 2-3 times than the normal operating Amperage. For example, a 120 Volt CRT TV which normally runs at 2 Amps will spike to 6 Amps at startup. So you would need to buy a 6 Amps X 120 Volts = 720 watts. For this item we recommend a 1500 watt transformer.

We have sold voltage transformers for use with Refrigerators, Microwaves, Stereo Systems, TV's, VCR's, DVDs, Power Tools, Hot Tubs and more. They have worked perfectly for these situations and we have not had any customers complain about their functionality or compatibility with such items. Please e-mail us if you have any questions regarding compatibility of an item with a voltage transformer.

You can use our filter function on our website to narrow down your buying choices based on your specific requirements. Click on the image below to start shopping.



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