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Region Free Players

These region free DVD players have a built-in PAL to NTSC video converter . This allows the player to play any DVD from any Region on any TV , thus avoiding the need for an external video converter.
Our Region Free DVD recorders are a great addition to your home theatre system. Most models in our region free DVD recorders selection have a hard drive which will enable you to record on a hard disk then to a DVD.
Our Region Free Portable DVD players let you enjoy your favorite movies from any country any region in the palm of your hands! Most of our models give you additional options like MP3, photo CD playback and IPod Dock.
Region Free Blu Ray DVD players will allow you to play blu ray discs from regions A, B and C. High-definition Region Free Blu-ray Disc players deliver superior images with HDTVs, plus top-notch surround sound.

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What is a Region Free DVD Player & Blu-Ray Player?

A region free player plays all the different regions from across the globe. DVD discs are split into 6 regions (regions 0-6) in the world and Blu-Ray discs are split into 3 regions in the world (regions A B C). A disc from one region is compatible with a player made to play discs from a different region, unless you have one of our region free players. Click here to see a map of the different regions

First we will explain and give example on DVD regions. A DVD from Japan, Germany, UK and most of Europe is region 2. A DVD from USA is region 1. We do have a map of the different regions of the world on our website if you would like to confirm the region for your country. To play these movies from Europe you would need a region 2 player for the European DVD and a region 1 DVD player to play the US DVD. Or you can buy a Region Free DVD player from us which will play everything. It is an "all-in-one" solution. Region Free DVD Players will play any region DVD movie from any country and most of the players we sell also work on any TV so you do not need to buy a special TV. A popular add-on to a region free DVD player is the DP-X7000 Copy Enhancer. With both items plus a DVD recorder you can make copies of any DVD you buy, own or rent. Learn more about this topic and other MultiSystem Technical Topics on our site under Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs.

Now we will explain and give an example on blu ray regions. A blu ray movie from Germany, UK and most of Europe is region B. A Blu Ray from USA is region A. We do have a map of the different regions of the world on our website to check your region. To play these movies you would normally need two players: a region B player for the European Blu Ray and a region A Blu ray player for the US movie. But now you can buy only ONE Region Free blu ray player from us which will play everything. Region Free blu ray Players will play any region blu ray movie from any country, and most of them will work on any TV as well. Buy a model like the Sony BDP-S1200 and you will be able to play any blu ray or dvd from any coutry on any TV! It's that simple!

On our website you will find a list of the LATEST region free blu ray players (also known as multi-region ABC blu ray). These specially modified blu-ray players can play regions ABC for Blu-Ray and they also play DVD regions 0-6. We also carry models that are region free for DVD and Region A for blu-ray movies for those customer only wanting to play overseas DVDs but only US region A Blu-Ray movies. We sell the latest 2014-2015 models, not the older models that everyone else sells. All models come with a lifetime region free warranty.

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