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GoDV! DP-5000 Digital Copy Stabilizer and Enhancer

Model:   DP-5000  

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  • Composite and S-Video Connections
  • Auto Switching voltage for use in any country (100-240 Volts 50/60HZ)

Latest software to override any type of copy guard signal! Guaranteed Lowest Price! Find the NEW DP-5000 for less and will beat the price 110%! Guaranteed to work with all Satellite receivers, Cables boxes, DVD recorders, Camcorders, VCRs and all DVD discs!!

  • COPY DVD to DVD, VHS, HDD and Hard Disk
  • COPY VHS to DVD, VHS, HDD and Hard Disk
  • COPY Cable TV to DVD, VHS, HDD and Hard Disk
  • COPY Satellite TV to DVD, VHS, HDD and Hard Disk
  • COPY anything to anything (your devices must have RCA connections)

How it works:

Connection is simple, just connect the DP-5000 between your source (like VCR, DVD player, cable box, satellite receiver) and recorder (like DVD recorder, Hard drive, VCR, mini-DV recorder, 8mm Recorder, etc...). It works like a filter and like magic you can now record any of your movies that you buy, already own or rent! It works better than older models made by like the CT-200, ATX-500, CT2 and other DP series models. See connections examples images at bottom of page.

GoDV DP-5000 has s-video for high quality signals and also composite video with stereo audio connections. It works for HDTV signals via Component connections also. No other video stabilizer has all these connections. We have tested this product with all DVD recorders including Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, JWIN, Akai, Daewoo, Daytek, Toshiba, Cyberhome, and Philips recorders and it has worked perfectly. We have tested it with the newest DVD movies and it works perfectly. All you do is connect the output of your player into the DP5000 and output of the DP-5000 into your recording device. Please remember that even though this product will disable all levels of copy-protection formats and allow you to copy any DVD or VHS movie, we do not promote it for any commercial use. This product is solely intended for test purposes and for making "fair use" backup copies of movies.


  • Model: DP-5000
  • Beats all other copy enhancers on the market including the older models like Sima CT-200, Sima CT2, Sima ATX-500, DP1000, DP2000
  • Updated Firmware works with Blu Ray also.
  • Works for HDTV signals via Component connections also.
  • Works World-Wide for PAL or NTSC signals and on any voltage!
  • Suitable for all items including DVD Recorders, VCRs, DVD Players, Digital Camcorders and more...
  • Copy any DVD or VHS that you own, buy or rent!
  • Copy anything to anything!!
  • This is only a copy enhancer, it does not play or record. Player and recorder are not included with this item.
  • Stabilizes video signals for crisp, bright copies - digital technology - nothing to set or adjust
  • Copy all your VHS tapes now with the best color without fading or color drops
  • Input signal level indicators
  • 4 output signal enhancement modes- normal, enhanced, darker and black/white
  • Includes: Manual, RCA cable, AC power adapter
  • Connections:
    • Video Input and Output
    • Audio Left Input and Output
    • Audio Right Input and Output
    • S-Video Input and Output
  • Dimension: 230mm(W) x 130mm(D) x 30mm(H) Weight: 380g
  • 100-240 Volts 50/60HZ - Auto Switching voltage for use in any country
  • Warranty and Support: 30 days exchange plus 1 year limited repair warranty
  • Player and recorder are not included with this item.

Independent Reviews:

""The DP-5000 is 100% effective with a slight loss in picture detail. The video filter is nearly 100% effective, and has no loss in picture detail. .... I used various source to test filters effectiveness.""

YMMVRead more reviews online at: http://www.avsforum.com

Examples on how to connect the DP-5000:

Using RCA (Composite) Connections
Using S-Video onnections
Using Component Connections for regular TV and HDTV
 Using RCA (Composite) Connections   Using S-Video Connections   Using Component Connections for regular TV and HDTV

Notice: Use of this product for unauthorized duplication of copyrighted material from DVD, VHS or other media is prohibited under federal copyright laws unless the copy qualifies as a fair use under the Copyright Laws.

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